Ditching Canon for Sony (talk me off the ledge?)

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Re: Ditching Canon for Sony (talk me off the ledge?)

Todd Meyers wrote:

gipper51 wrote:

Not sure what to tell ya here, but the camera you want doesn't really exist. Sony's FF offerings are great, but their APS-C cameras leave a lot on the table. The newest A6400 looks solid but it's not a 7D class of camera. Plus the APS-C lens lineup from Sony is pretty abysmal IMHO. And as mentioned, Sony's ergonomics and menus are not the greatest. I've heard of numerous users who are frustrated by this.

If you're dedicated to APS-C, Fuji seems to be the strongest player in that arena. Lots of great glass and their newest bodies are pretty sweet. But...no IBIS (except the XH1) and from what I read Fuji and flashguns don't always play nicely together. So if you're a heavy user of flashguns there may be some limitations there.

Every system is a compromise...

Yeah, those are fair points. My main frustration is with Canon's 4K. I bought the 70D knowing its limitations, but full expected more from the 80D. Sony's mount offers a lot of versatility in matching lenses across their bodies, and they don't cripple the software like Canon does. And the IBIS breathes new life into a lot of cheap Sony and older Minolta lenses. It's just frustrating knowing Canon is not innovating in this space; they're just protecting their market share when they could be playing big,

I hear ya.  It's a shame Canon is so far behind in video since they were one of the first to put video into DSLRs (first to make a FF with video).  The competition has left them in the dust here.  I'm not a video shooter so it doesn't bother me, but I can see where the frustration would be for those that are.

I'm a heavily invested Canon user that also has a Sony body as a supplement that I use with that glass for certain things.  I constantly consider replacing one of my DLSRs with a newer Sony body but every time I run the pros/cons it just doesn't work out.  It's other things beyond just "what lenses", but things like remote live view systems that I'm considering upgrading are not Sony compatible (Camranger).  It's the ecosystem as a whole.

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