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Re: Saint Jouannet Lightning @ 85mm F1.8G

JimKasson wrote:

Hasa wrote:


We had a tremendous thunderstorm and after it passed I wanted to grab a panorama of the nearby ridge with the storm receding above. I was surprised to discover that I accidentally captured a lightning bolt with all the intricacies of how it is finding its way through the air - explore path - stop - new path - stop - new path - stop. It all occurs within microseconds. Every tiny thinking pause is marked by a white knot. It appears

This is an interesting bit of anthropomorphism.

The name is Thor.

Apart from that - after a channel has been formed step-wise it can be reused. Nobody seems to know how Thor "hits the nail bang on" again, or at least my cursory search did not come up with an explanation.

"A typical cloud-to-ground lightning bolt begins when a step-like series of negative charges, called a stepped leader, races downward from the bottom of a storm cloud toward the Earth along a channel at about 200,000 mph (300,000 kph). Each of these segments is about 150 feet (46 meters) long.

When the lowermost step comes within 150 feet (46 meters) of a positively charged object, it is met by a climbing surge of positive electricity, called a streamer, which can rise up through a building, a tree, or even a person.

Some types of lightning, including the most common types, never leave the clouds but travel between differently charged areas within or between clouds." ref.: https://www.nationalgeographic.com/environment/natural-disasters/lightning/

Cropped, not downsampled. Please pixel peep and enjoy in 1:1

Downsampled panorama:

Nice images!

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