Ditching Canon for Sony (talk me off the ledge?)

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Re: Ditching Canon for Sony (talk me off the ledge?)

gscotten wrote:

I jumped off the ledge in 2016, but scrambled back up onto it pretty quickly.

When I upgraded from my Canon T3i I wanted something smaller and lighter, so I picked up a Sony a6000. It looked wonderful on paper, but in use the ergonomics and I were not compatible. It had fiddly little buttons, unfathomable menu structure, and the grip was about useless. I bought an 80D and it has just been a pleasure to use. With the Sony my hand ached after trying to carry it for a half hour because I had to squeeze it so hard to keep from dropping it. With the 80D, I can hang it in the curve of my fingers and carry it all day. (I do not normally use a strap.) And the buttons on the Canon are large, precise, tactile, and located such that I can make any changes with my eye at the finder. The camera is truly a pleasure to use. It takes pretty darned good photos, too, in spite of all the anti-Canon spec rants on the forums.

For me, 4K video is not an important factor. I do not want to deal with those huge file sizes and do not have a 4K TV. YMMV. IBIS doesn't matter to me, either. Most of my lenses are stabilized, and the ones that aren't don't need it for my uses.

My advice, check the ergonomics carefully before you buy. They are more important than tiny differences in specs.

Very fair feedback.  Thanks.

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