Is this the reality of EF glass on the A9?

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Re: Is this the reality of EF glass on the A9?

What was rather entertaining about the 11-month old video was listening to this Floridian boast that he’s a professional photographer then disparage YouTubers like they’re a despicable breed; meanwhile I’ve seen lots of Sony shooters, from Jason Lanier to Jason Vong and others shoot EF glass on Sony bodies for years, long before the updates and they never experienced all the problems seen in the video. And to top it all off, the following day, to watch Nikon shooter Jared Polin not only take dozens of perfectly focused pictures one right after the other with the 135 GM, and not only sharp (blown up several hundred percent and viewed on a 55” TV) but arguably nicer images overall than the ‘pro’. 😂

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