Sony RX100 VA vs VI

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Re: Sony RX100 VA vs VI

elliottnewcomb wrote:

SeeTheWorld wrote:

This all started late 2012 with the rx100m1 which Sony rushed out WITHOUT A MANUAL, OF ANY KIND, nothing in the box, nothing, repeat nothing on-line, nothing to download. And, later, the first pathetic on-line manual had no index and no page #s.

My friend Sue and I bought the rx100m1 at the same time, it being my job to help Sue figure it out. OMG, that menu, no manual, lousy IS, Auto/P modes default to 1/30th with virtually no IS, tiny lightweight thingy hard to hold steady, both of us with damaged nerves, numb feet giving no feedback thus poor balance, what fun.

Then, Sue goes back to Florida early, now it's HELP? Long distance.

My memory sucks, I needed to send her a copy of notes to refer to while explaining things, I persevered.

Now, if I could just remember to take my notes with me.


Put on my Sony Phone you say? This GD phone, Sony Xperia X Compact

I bought a NEW one US WARRANTY from Amazon (3rd party) 10 months ago. Activated AT&T, presto.

10 months no problem, recent trouble, contact Sony, give them IMEI #,

turns out to be a Panamanian model with a Panamanian warranty.

Loud yapping at Amazon, I am getting a full refund, and then what? It was a lightning deal, great price, and not too available color, how to replace it? They had a mist blue, used very good, us warranty, amazon warehouse, amazon fullfilled, and, if used, how much warranty left? I made them agree to give me a full year for a full refund.

Tomorrow, I call Sony 1st, double check the IMEI #, country, warranty, then off to AT&T.

If I put my notes on my phone, I would need to remember that, and how to find them.

Actually, it's repetitive learning that helps me, (I reset frequently, that's when I drag out the notes) and, you change your setup as you learn things, try new features.

I put things like camera manuals and notes in Dropbox, which I can then access from any of my devices.

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