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Re: Sony RX100 VA vs VI

Brandon birder wrote:

Looks like an M6 may just be a better travel camera for me when I’m not expecting to take bird images.

I agree regarding not having better bird gear with you, but, to avoid any misunderstanding to others:

your thread is m5a or m6.

IF you happened across some birds with only an rx100, it's the m6 you would want, using 200mm to get closer rather than m3,4,5,5a 70mm.

And perhaps using SZ ST to instantly toggle to 280mm or 400mm, back to 200mm.

SZ ST is simply in-camera sensor cropping, identical to what you might do in post, except, you have the advantage of seeing that close while shooting, especially if timing a shot.

It's cropping an f4.5 shot, so f4.5 400mm in your pants pocket.


Super Magnification

Converting the camera to binoculars while shooting! (viewing power, like binoculars, not zoom power).

Combining Manual Focus Magnification Assist with SZ is what I now call 'super magnification', especially helpful while viewing/timing a distant shot.

MF: so it's primarily for stills, perhaps perching birds, some sideways movement, not for front to back movement. If you pan well, enough light for fast enough shutter speed, it can work for faster sideways movement. If something is moving in/out a little in a gentle breeze, you can bob and weave in/out to maintain your pre-set MF focus distance

rx100m6 MF Assist (MFA) is 5.3x. If you press the rear center button it toggles to double magnification assist: 10.7x. press again back to 5.3x. Half press shutter button, back to 1.0x framing view. (these magnification #s vary a bit model to model)


Let's use 5x and 10x for quick math of the binocular viewing power

shooting 200mm MFA 5x = viewing a portion at 1000mm. press center button, now viewing a portion at 2000mm. (still shooting 200mm)

SZ Toggle to 280mm crop. MF Assist 5x = viewing 1500; 10x = viewing 3000mm

SZ Toggle to 400mm crop. MF Assist 5x = viewing 2000mm; 10x = viewing 4000mm

Let's not forget, we are getting the benefit of manual focus peaking to see highlights on vertical edges of objects in focus. Note: after you are focused, peaking shown, an object moves in/out. The peaking will show on something else that moved to the pre-set distance. As you move the camera in/out, the effect is that the peaking moves in/out, you just see when the peaking is on your primary subject, stop there, wait, bird (Cooper) finishes picking his nose, bingo take the shot.


super AF, super continuous shooting and super magnified binocular viewing, in your pants pocket ain't half bad.


btw, SZ and Super Magnification works for any Sony RX,

the numbers are smaller for rx100m3,4,5 using 70mm as a base, and much larger using RX10m3,4 using 600mm max optical reach as a base.

RX10m4 using SZ 1200mm sensor crop, super magnification viewing a portion 10x 12000mm. did I just say 12000mm view? And shooting f4.0 1200mm? Holy Cra p

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