70D Dark spot corner of image at high shutter speeds

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Re: 70D Dark spot corner of image at high shutter speeds

Thanks for the input and food for thought, I think that's correct that with Canon the new shutter would be under warranty but nothing else. Canon also charge £40ish for an estimate so I think I'll take it to Sendean and see what they quote and take it from there. I've owned the camera from new, about 4 years,  and it's been generally well looked after but also well used, 105,000 actuations on the shutter. I'm inclined to keep it going if I can but I'll wait and see what the cost is.

I suppose if I were to upgrade to something else it's probably more sensible to sell this one as is for spares / repair rather than repair myself and sell as working. I don't generally keep up to date on cameras and just do research when I need to buy a new one, but the M50 looks like an interesting option. On the other hand I always have in the back of my mind that it would be good to try a full frame body - actually thinking about it getting the 70d repaired may be the best bet to avoid spending a lot of time reading about cameras on the internet!

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