Photos too dark D7200?

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Re: Photos too dark D7200?

If doing macro or still life photography, the best bet is to shoot in full manual, the reason for this is that if you need to photograph multiple items, then you will be doing a ton of guesswork as if you rely on an auto mode, metering, and exposure comp, then you are essentially adding offsets to an unknown and changing initial value.

With a white background, even with spot metering,things will not be perfectly accurate.

If you are controlling the light, then it should not be hard to get or even print out a basic luminance test chart (doesn't need to be perfectly calibrated and accurate. and simply photograph it on your white background scene in order to get an idea of what a decent starting point in terms of manual exposure is, then when using that scene in the future, you know your starting point, and can adjust from there.

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