Does the camera I want exist?

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Comparing them for size and weight

I also agree that the Olympus EM5 II has similar styling, controls, and ergonomics as the Pentax K-1000, but gives you a modern digital camera with IBIS and a touch screen.

In fact I still have my K-1000, a camera that I loved dearly, and always considered "small" when compared to other film SLRs at that time. I compared the two by resizing photos to make the hot shoes the same size, and discovered that the K-1000 would be considered a large camera by today's standards.  Which actually makes sense since it was made of solid metal and had to accommodate 135 film (i.e. "full frame").

Just remember we are pretty much comparing apples and oranges here. Even though they are similar in some ways, the K-1000 was a bare bones entry level budget camera and the EM5 II is a mid range and much more advanced camera, that can do much more than provide IBIS and a touch screen. It also does HD video, is weather sealed, and has WIFI connectivity.

I think you might really like an EM5 II, and you can find used ones for not that much money today since it is due for replacement later this year.

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