Is this the reality of EF glass on the A9?

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Re: A different perspective here

James Stirling wrote:

vett93 wrote:

Magnar W wrote:

This video is his opinion.

If I should decide for myself, I would have used a camera body with newest firmware, and tested it with native mount lenses.

Even for a professional, money is a factor, but so is risking jobs with more or less well functioning adapted lenses ...

I don't think this guy knew well enough about Sony camera, based on his comments. I also don't think a sane person would expect A9 with adapted lenses could AF as well as a 1DX II.

There are some folk here who argue exactly that kind of thing

IMO, no one else is confused by A9 with adapted lenses competing with 1DX II.

If all his income from the last 8 years was just from these 300 wedding events, a full set of Sony professional gears is probably too much for him anyway.

He has a website , I don't think he is short of work . Now if only he had Sony gear poor poor guy

The issue is not short of work. If the most popular package is $3,400 and he has done 300 wedding events over 8 years, the average annual revenue over 8 years is $3.4K X 300/8 = $127.5K. The net would be much less than that. If I just make $127.5K a year, I don't think I can afford Sony FF gears.

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