Is this the reality of EF glass on the A9?

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Re: Is this the reality of EF glass on the A9?

jonpais wrote:

Not being funny here, just wondering why a successful Miami-based photographer who’s shot some 300 weddings over eight years and whose most popular package is $3,400.00 can’t afford a Sony 70-200 GM...

Hope he’s happy with his EOS R. Did not learn much from watching the overlong video other than native glass usually outperforms adapted.

And I realize this isn’t your reality, but I’ve got the 16-35 GM, 35 Distagon, 50 Planar, 55 Sonnar, 85 FE and CV 65, and plan on picking up the Samyang 85 next week and am pretty happy with what’s being offered and what’s in store from Sony, Tamron, Samyang, Zeiss et al.

FWIW Canon’s really jacking up the price of their RF glass cf to EF, and Panny’s L-mount is pricey too.

I have adapted EF lenses on Sony bodies in a few years. They will work but have clear compromise, just more or less especially in AF-C tracking, eye-AF reliability and consistency, in low light, with side AF points etc. Therefore I sold most EF lenses and replaced them with FE counterparts. Even a MF lens such as Canon 17L TS-E that has no FE counterpart, occasionally had lens contact error that I had to unmount/remount and powered off /on to regain the contact. Adapting certainly has hassles and always has compromise somewhere, more or less, only a temporary solution in my opinion.

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