Is this the reality of EF glass on the A9?

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sportyaccordy wrote:

Long video but you get the gist at the beginning and end.

I have had decent luck adapting EF glass to various gen 2 and 3 FE bodies, but there are definitely still limitations.

The fact it works at all is somewhat surprising. The conversation about adapted glass has always been difficult because you have different bodies , lens, adapters, firmware, expectations. Etc.

If I am selling wedding gigs and charging a couple Grand a pop I am going to buy whatever I need to do the job.

However, basic and more affordable native glass like 3rd party 2.8 zooms and a 35/1.8 still aren't available 5 years in.

I don't know. First is that five years is NOT a long time for measuring a new platform.

For example Tamron G2 2.8 standard and tele + 35 1.8 is nearly half the price of the standard + tele GM and the 35 2.8.

BUT there are other choices. The Tamron 28-75 is an absolute gem for the price IF someone can deal with the range.

Obviously 3rd party lenses are generally cheaper than 1st party ones but not always (Tamron 35 1.8 vs Canon 35/2 IS for example).

There is also the rokinon 35 2.8 that is a decent little value albeit imperfect.

Hopefully now with Canikon in the FF MILC game 3rd party manufacturers will be more expiditious in porting these basic lenses over.

They are gaining steam BUT Sony has a headstart and open code. If they CAN they will make and sell lenses for all three mounts. It may or may not be that easy .If they have to prioritize they will focus on whatever mount gets them the most sales.

Only they know the exact answer to that one. Sales figures seem notoriously difficult to find. Most of the stuff thrown around here seems to be partial numbers. BUT it from what I have seen Sony FE is still outselling Canon and Nikon. At least pre RP release. All the apsc models also have potential buyers for third party lenses.

Because currently adapted functionality, even with Sony A glass, is limited.

It is. In an ideal world I would always go native. If someone already has a collection of glass they at least have a transition period available. If you want to buy one mount for certain advantages while trying to be cheap buy buying glass in a different mount and then complain about performance then your priorities are misplaced.

Look. I love unicorns as the much as the next eight year old girl BUT you just have to be realistic. Companies want to make money and they are gonna squeeze every penny out of you that they can. Sony FE has WAY more budget options than they had three years ago and now a better experience with adapted glass. Meanwhile their real competition has almost no "affordable " native glass but a pretty decent adapter experience. So you could make the same arguments about them.

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