Can the Z6 autofocus become as good as the A7m3 autofocus with the upcoming firmware update ? Locked

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Re: Can the Z6 autofocus become as good as the A7m3 autofocus with the upcoming firmware update ?

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I like the Z6 a lot, but the Sony A7m3 has considerably better autofocus in lower light. I don't know much really about mirrorless cameras, and I am wondering if the firmware upgrade coming on May 18th will allow the Nikon Z6 to match the low light autofocus abilities of the Sony ?

No offence, but if by your own admission you "don't know much about mirrorless cameras" you should be careful making any assumptions about either system.

I've been using the Z cameras since day one and don't have any issues focusing in challenging light. I used the Sony A7 system (Mark ii) extensively before that. Nikon is already ahead of the Sony generation 1 and 2. I won't speak to the latest versions because I don't have personal knowledge.

Here is my point though. Go to my web site and tell me if you can see the difference between shots taken with the Nikon Z6 /7, the Sony A7s/Rii, or the Nikon D4 / 700 /3s.

All these cameras are highly capable if people take the time to learn how to use them. All these people niggling about features like eye AF make me want to laugh..or maybe cry

I read quite a bit, and this video seems to show quite some difference between the 2 cameras autofocus abilities

Well, I've got thousands of clicks on my Z bodies, and well over 100,000 on the Sonys.  But hey, that youtube guys sounded pretty knowledgeable.

If you have a specific specialized use in mind for the new camera, by all means shop around and define which features are must haves in a new system.  If you just want to update to mirrorless and newer technology, either system is lovely.  And both will run circles around your current D90.

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