Sony RX100 VA vs VI

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Re: Sony RX100 VA vs VI

what guy said, Sony fixed it, no longer a concern.

early, nearly all had self moving diopter levers, we all came up with ridiculous solutions because the camera was that good. Shamefully, Sony never acknowledged the problem AFAIK. Many decided to use their cameras for a while until Sony had a fix, then send them in on warranty. I decided it would be better to deal with it myself rather than have the camera 'opened up'.

I sent mine in for a different issue, and nearly forgot to mention the diopter problem. Luckily I did, and it came back with a replacement EVF without the problem.

The problem has virtually disappeared, I have no doubt something was changed, zero problem.

I decided, for the life of the unit, a soft lift (finger on top, release, let it up softly) would be smart, but, I forget, snap it up.

M6 EVF single stage mechanism is soooo much better than the 2 stage EVF of the m3,4,5. That early EVF, a wonderous thing, preserving compactness, would push in as you used it, losing focus, you had to pull it back into position often, at least I did (I wear glasses).

My only physical problem with my m6 is the rear control wheel moves too easily, I find inadvertent changes very often. I am more active than most people messing with rear controls: left rocker AEL Toggle; right rocker AF/MF Toggle; C button SZ ST Smart Zoom/Smart Telecon, and have big hands, and numbness in my hands, so not my fault, but I need to remember to check the info line at the bottom of the lcd A LOT.

My R1, a slider, a wheel, perhaps Focus Mode, something inadvertently moved. I jammed a piece of rawhide in the slot, done. Maybe some sand jammed in behind the wheel will do it.

I mentioned it to Sony when I sent it in, no acknowledgement, came back same as I sent it, spinning too easily.

m1 and m3 wheels had more resistance. I would prefer it physically clicked anyway.

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