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Good marketing is a total experience. From the first impression of your website to the phone or in person meeting. Projection of confidence and agreeability is a key determinant in getting the sale.

You are correct that the best marketing wins. My contention is that making a statement about gear is a rookie marketing mistake. My clients are commercial clients with a degree of sophistication that (IMO) would see such a declaration as a sign of insecurity and inexperience.

Good marketing is usually tailored to the the target market. The OP was talking about a wedding photographer. I suspect his target market is not as sophisticated as your commercial clients.

And as I said earlier, there are wedding websites and publications that explicitly tell brides to look for photographers who use specifically Canon and Nikon cameras.

Those brides might not know a Canon from a canary, but if The Knot tells them that's what they're supposed to look for, then that's what they'll look for.

'TANSTAAFL: The only unbreakable rule in photography.'

If your market is not sophisticated, you can educate them, and then list your gear to show you have better gear. The implication is that means the client will get better photos.

Say you had a Canon 50 Megapixel body. You could explain how higher resolution cameras provide more detailed images, and allow for larger prints. You would educate the client that the highest resolution body is 50 megapixels, and then you would make sure your gear list made it clear that you were shooting a 50 megapixel body.

If you were shooting a 42 megapixel body, you might make the case that 40 megapixels was the magic number, and anything less than that was substandard.

The key is to "educate" the potential client so that they "know" to look for someone with your gear list.


Now whether or not any of the "education" is correct is a different matter.

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