Sony RX100 VA vs VI

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Re: Sony RX100 VA vs VI

Parsons wrote:

Brandon birder wrote:

elliottnewcomb wrote:



Aside from the diopter lever that is solved now, I sent one m6 back, changed my mind, got and kept this one. I am very glad I did.


Hi Elliot.

i remember reading a thread some months ago in which you had diopter lever problems..

i see now this is solved.

How was it solved?

Am interested in an M6 but use the eve of my M4 mainly and would want a diopter setting to stick.

Thanks in anticipation.

I suspect that Sony changed things in later production and the dioptre adjust now seems to stay where it should. Somebody noted that their dioptre adjust came back fixed after returning the camera for some other warranty fault.

Another factor is probably not just releasing it and letting it rise with a clunk, slow it with a spare finger so it rises softer.

Regards..... Guy

Thanks Guy and some useful advice too. Very helpful.

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