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Re: Zoom = good, aperture = ?

MrHollywood wrote:

nigelbb wrote:

Guy Parsons wrote:

One day I tested my M6 at "200mm" and found that wide open was its best aperture. So P mode suits me fine.

Wide open is the best aperture at all focal lengths for these Sony 1" sensor cameras. That's why I generally use A mode with minimum shutter speed & Auto-ISO.

That's simply not the case. In some situations you want more depth of field, specially for group shots where folks are at various distances. Closer work is also sometimes served by more DOF. Always going for the widest aperture is not always the way to go, which is why we have the option to stop down.


I never find this a consideration as the DOF is so great with the 1" sensor. The minimum aperture is F/8 before diffraction really kicks in affecting image quality (diffraction has a less significant effect before F/8) so the aperture range for the RX100M6 is only F/2.8-F/8 at the wide end & F/4.5-F/8 at the long end & actually F/4-F/8 for most of the range.

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