Lens Choices for Trip to Singapore and Western Australia

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Re: Lens Choices for Trip to Singapore and Western Australia

Dale Garman wrote:

I didn't make the comment but tend to agree. The more gear you take the more time you spend switching between different gear while life goes on around you. We've all see the person with tons of gear who seems to always be changing a lens. Like at generalizations it's not always true, but an interesting provocative thought.

I would agree that there is a sweet spot how much gear is useful to bring. This varies from person to person and depends on the pain threshold (e.g. how much weight you want to carry).

I personally prefer 2 bodies and 3 lenses because I hate changing lenses in the field. So I bring a gf body with 16-35/4 (my default lens) and another gf body with either a fast prime (35mm or 50mm f1.4) or my 70-200/2.8

I have been in Perth a few years ago (I live on the east coast of Australia) and would say that the 24-105L is plenty enough if no wildlife is of big interest. I would throw in a fast prime for after sunset (35 or 50) and consider a travel tripod. The city doesn't really need super wide angle in my mind. It's not very narrow like e.g. New York or Asian metropolitans.

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