Damaged filter ring on NIKKOR 18-200mm VR lens

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Re: happened to me

Thanks MK. Craig says I could use glasses screwdriver to attach the Nikon screws, Unless there is a better screwdriver to attach them securely.  Do you think I could reattach the old filter ring. It has 5 remaining screws. Even if I was able to purchase a 6th screw it would not hold as there is a chip at that hole.  I think the blue loctite is a good idea to keep the screws in place.  Do you think I should put a tiny drop of epoxy at the 6th hole to secure the filter ring or would 5 screws hold the filter ring securely to lens barrel, as long as I used the loctite on the 5 screws.

Any idea where to purchase a new filter ring cheaply and a few Nikon replacement screws, to do a proper repair?   I see ads on ebay for $120.00 for the filter ring. That is crazy, It is just a plastic filter ring with 6 holes.It should not go for more that $20-$40.00.

Thanks, MK

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