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Michael Fryd wrote:

Photomonkey wrote:

If they aren't convinced by your work, the camera you used will scarcely matter.

I find that many times it's not the work that does the convincing, but the photographer. People are generally terrible at judging photos, and many times don't know what they like. A good marketer can convince them to like whatever he is producing.

In the art world, a piece of art might be judged as being trash if the critic thinks it's from some unknown artist. But that same piece might be judged as magnificent if it's from a name brand artist.

It's is common for people to be swayed by the pedigree of the object as well as the object itself.

I have seen this on sites too but the vibe I get is a gear-centric person who is convinced that the gear makes them better.

Gear doesn't make you a good photographer.

However good marketing (and that may include mentioning your gear) can easily make potential clients think you are a good photographer.

The bottom line is that the reality doesn't matter, it's what the customers think.

The irony of the logic is that the guy with the "coolest" gear wins.

When it comes to sales, it's usually the guy with the best marketing that wins, even if he doesn't have the best product.

Good marketing is a total experience. From the first impression of your website to the phone or in person meeting. Projection of confidence and agreeability is a key determinant in getting the sale.

You are correct that the best marketing wins. My contention is that making a statement about gear is a rookie marketing mistake. My clients are commercial clients with a degree of sophistication that (IMO) would see such a declaration as a sign of insecurity and inexperience.

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