Geotagging and Canon Camera Connect

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Re: Geotagging and Canon Camera Connect

Chepe Nicoli wrote:

AliZeeshan wrote:

Hi Chepe:
I've been using bluetooth connection to my iPhone to get hold of location data, and its working fine.
In addition to what Dave mentioned, on EOS R you would have to set Smartphone as the "Select GPS device". Also, the second option of sending location data via WiFi is turned off on my phone.
Hope this helps.

Thanks Dave, thank you Ali, fail!!!!....

In the past, I have used a iOS App with no problems: GeotagPhotos, now, I did trust Canon Camera Connect and cannot geotag?

My original post (which I admitted I had not tried) does not work. Sorry about that.

However, you can geotag in real time while shooting images by using the Canon Camera Connection App connected to your camera by Bluetooth. If you have an RP, see page 403 of the instructions. I just tried it and it works. If you have an R, search your manual for how to Geotag while using a smartphone. That is the method that Ali was trying to explain.

It sounds like you were trying to use the Canon Camera Connection App as a replacement for an app like GeotagPhotos, where you create a .gpx file and import it into Lightroom, where your GPS history is correlated with your images timestamps. That is not possible.

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