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Re: Zoom = good, aperture = ?

SeeTheWorld wrote:

MrHollywood wrote:

24-200 is a game changer.

Wildlife, portraits, street, many subjects are better served by a lens of this type.

And then there's this: 24mm at 2.8 is still pretty fast glass for a camera that can work nicely at ISO 1600 (with some post) and even 3200 (with more post).

I had a GRII, which is WIDELY regarded as a great available light street camera and it was 2.8 at 28mm (fixed) and was really no better at high ISO than my RX100 M6.

So would 1.8 come in handy? Sure it would. But it's really not going to cost people many shots vs. the HUGE advantages of getting sharp images at 200mm.


Nice photo! Our azaleas are just coming out. Is this recent? I'm all in with the M6 now. Thank you!

Yep...shot it yesterday. I could not have gotten it without the zoom.

And again, for those who claim 2.8 is too slow at 24mm, let's remember that one of the best street cameras is also 2.8 (Ricoh GR).

My GRII was no where close to the versatility of the RX100 VI and the larger sensor of the GR rarely came into play.

Unless you do little more than ultra low light shooting, the big zoom is a winner. Now if we didn't get 2.8 at the wide end, I might sing a different tune.


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