Geotagging and Canon Camera Connect

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Re: Geotagging and Canon Camera Connect

My understanding is that "Begin logging" causes the Camera Connect app to keep a log of your locations vs. time. This log is stored internally in the app. You do not have to be connected to the camera while your locations are being logged. I am not aware of any way to access this log from outside of the app.

Later, you connect your phone to your camera via wi-fi or bluetooth, and then click the "Send location information" button. The timestamps in the log will be matched up with the timestamps on the image files, and the image files in the camera will be geotagged with the locations in the log files.

When you eventually download your images from the camera of SD card, they should be geotagged. For this to work correctly, the time set in your camera and on your phone musts be the same.

Disclaimer: I've not actually tried this.

Edit: I tried this, and it does not work. When I connect my phone to my RP and tap "Send Location Information" on my phone, I get an error message that the function is not supported on my camera.

Sorry for the bad info.

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