Does the camera I want exist?

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Re: Does the camera I want exist?

rita416 wrote:

I still miss my SLR I had in the 70's, the Pentax K1000 (35mm lens).

I want to replicate that experience but I want in body stabilization so I can keep the lens small and light,

You'll never replicate the experience of a film camera with a digital one, because the sensor itself, the electronics to service it and the battery to drive it all increase the weight and alter the balance. Also, virtually all digital cameras have a screen on the back that allows you to review your photos as you take them; this too increases size and weight slightly.

As far as the viewfinder goes, you get a similar experience with DSLRs (Digital Single Lens Reflex), with the pentaprism optical viewfinder (OVF); but not the same because they no longer have the central split prism focus aid. Instead they rely heavily on autofocus. There are now three remaining makers of DSLRs; Canon, Nikon and Pentax. Of these Pentax is the only one that offers IBIS.

Alternatively you can now get what are called "mirrorless" cameras. Instead of the pentaprism of DSLRs they use electronic viewfinders (EVF). These are like a small TV screen that you look at the same way you are used to. The EVF experience is significantly different from OVF. It can give a lot more information about the settings you use and you can adjust those settings to help get the image the way you want it. Some people find this very useful; others hate it and prefer OVF. I'm afraid the only way you can discover what suits you is to go to a store sand try them both.

Mirrorless cameras themselves tend to be smaller and lighter than DSLRs - in that way they can be nearer the film experience. However, their lenses can be just as big and heavy as DSLR lenses; again, you'd need to handle the specific items you want.

Once you accept that the experience is bound to be different you can move on to the choices available.

In the DSLR group the Pentax K-70 is the cheapest that offers IBIS. Like many digital cameras it has a sensor that is smaller than the frame of your film camera so for the same field of view you need a shorter focal length. For the 35mm you mention you'd need 23mm; Pentax has a tiny 21/3.2 lens. There are also at of other small lenses in the Pentax range.

When it comes to mirrorless the field is much wider. As I'm a long-time DSLR user I can't really offer much in the way of advice other than what I said above - consider the combined weight of the body and lens(es) you want. Note too that there are cameras with sensors smaller again than the ones I've mentioned so you need to work out the relative focal lengths.

and I want a touchscreen LCD.

Pentax DLSRs don't have touch screens. The DPR feature search! can help you find all sorts of things, though.


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