upgrade d90 to d3500 or d5600? any choice

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Re: upgrade d90 to d3500 or d5600? any choice

If you only want to hear about the D3500 and D5600, maybe you should not ask for advice here. I would not pick either of these two as an upgrade path because it would like feel like 'one step forward, one step back'.

The D3500 is a fine body for hobbyists who want their camera to do the same their smartphone can do: take decent pictures. It does that well as long as you don't expect it to do much else. Alas, it offers almost no learning path if you ever want to become a better photographer and take pictures in a more challenging situations than your average snap-shooter.

The D5600 offers more and leaves more room for learning. Coming from the D90, though, it is a step backward. Settings you were able to change on the fly with your current body's controls are sunk somewhere in an info screen or submenu on the D5600. While the body is nice and small, a definite plus, getting the camera ready to shoot exactly the way you want it to takes more time and requires more fiddling, assuming it is possible at all which is not always the case.

I moved up from a D90 to a D7100, later adding a D500 and just recently replacing the D7100 with a D7500. I also own a D5000, with essentially the same usage concept as the D5600. The step from the D90 to the D7100 (7200 is essentially the same, usage-wise) was a natural progression that allowed me to do a few more things while adding higher resolution and image quality. For my part, I am very glad I did not take the D5600 route.

Mind you, I have no intention to bad-mouth the D5600. It is a wonderful camera, a bargain at its price, and a body capable of producing very high image quality. But it is a consumer body where the D90, D7100/7200 and D7500 are advanced amateur ones. I believe this distinction is more than marketing hype: it marks the difference between happily snapping away and making photography a serious hobby. If you are looking for the former, why did you get a D90 in the first place?

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