Can the Z6 autofocus become as good as the A7m3 autofocus with the upcoming firmware update ? Locked

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Re: Math skills, or budget?

Matsu wrote:

Marianne Oelund wrote:

Gabriele Sartori wrote:

michaeladawson wrote:

No. It won’t.

but I don’t care about low light AF. What it won’t have is a revamped AF-C tracking system.

Mike, why are you so sure about that?

The sensor is virtually the same, the rest is all math.

Mike isn't confident that Nikon engineers do math as well as Sony engineers - or that they have as much budget.

Hi Marianne, I’m curious if you’ve been using a z camera, and if so, how you’re making out with it, particularly in the case continuous AF and perhaps as compared to Nikon’s 51 pt PDAF DSLRs in that regard.

I have a Z7, but haven't done any action photography with it.  On May 16th I'll be taking it to a skating show, so will have a better idea after that.

Back in 2015, I took my Nikon 1 V3 to the same show with an AF-S 85/1.8G mounted via the FT1 adapter, and results were mixed.  There were very few completely out-of-focus images, but only a small minority were critically sharp.  Overall I would say there was a front-focus tendency.

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