upgrade d90 to d3500 or d5600? any choice

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Re: Definitely the D5600

Gizmo89 wrote:

I was at the upgrade point before and tried out the D3400, D5600, and D7200. I borrowed my friend's D7200 for a month and found it to be too heavy and bulky, and I didn't like the tilting screen (too limited) and didn't need dual card slots either.

For me, I upgraded (side graded) from a Nikon D70s to a Nikon D5100 in order to get shots of my daughter at gymnastics and cheer competitions.

The D7000 was out at the time (but not the D7100 or D5200).

I wasn't sure how much I was going to get back into taking pictures with a dSLR so I saved money on the body and used the difference to get a better lens.

I knew all the features the D7000 had over the D5100, but I figured . . . if I don't get back into taking a lot of pictures, the D5100 would be more than enough for me. If I did get back into taking lots of pictures, then I could put more clicks on the D5100 (and learn) and get the D7000 down the road.

I ended up getting back into taking lots of pictures, and wanting all the extra features the D7000 had, so I ended up getting a D7000.

But I still really liked the D5100. My daughter is using it right now for a photography course. But because it is so small, it is the ideal vacation camera.

I tried the D5600 and found it small and light like the D3400. But what sold me was the fully articulating touch screen, which is like the Canon cameras. Just like using a smartphone. And the fully articulating touch screen allows you to view the scene while being in front of the camera, and it allows you to and view the screen while holding the camera over the heads of the crowd if need be. The last two trips I've taken made me appreciate the fully articulating touch screen which the D3000 and D7000 series do not have.

People here in the forum talk about how much better the D7200 images are, but really, in the real world you will not be able to tell the difference between images taken by either the D3500, D5600 or D7200/D7500. . . .

There are some real benefits of the D7x00 over the D5x00 or D3x00 series cameras.

1. Microfocus adjust. This really made my old lenses sing.

2. Triggering off camera flash with full iTTL control. Nice and convenient.

3. Dual dials. Which is nice, but not essential. I think Nikon really does a single dial camera really well. I was able to get around my D5100 quite quickly and did not absolutely miss that extra dial.

4. User Modes. Again, not essential, but really nice.

As for the D5x00 over the D3x00 . . .

A. As some have pointed out, the flippy screen over the fixed screen. I don't use it a lot, but when I do, it's nice that my D5100 has it.

B. More control over the ISO. On the D3x00 series body, you can only control ISO in full steps. On the D5x00 and up you can control ISO in 1/3 (or 1/2) increments. This IMHO goes a long way to squeezing out the IQ from the camera. For me, I use this at gymnastics and cheer competitions as I dance around the limited and uncontrollable available light.

C. Less focus points. The D3x00 only has 16? or something like that. The same as my old D5100. This is fine if you mainly use the center AF point. Shooting cheer where there was often nothing in the middle of the frame to focus on, I quickly learned to appreciate more focus points. One of the things I really like about my D7000 over my D5100. But now the later D5x00 bodies have more focus points.

. . . I still have and occasionally use my D3100, which still takes great pictures, so I feel the differences between modern cameras is negligible. It all depends on what features you want, and I want the fully articulating touch screen.


If you want great pictures, any contemporary Nikon dSLR will do that for you.

If you need / want the extra control, then you need to look into the details of each body.

Your mileage will vary, so choose your camera based on the features that YOU feel will be most useful to you.


As mentioned above, if you are only concerned about getting nice images, then consider all the bodies.

If you have a particular need /want, then you have to look at the details of what each body offers.

Take care & Happy Shooting!

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