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More than you asked about, yap, yap, yap


All my photos are OOC Jpegs, Extra Fine, typically using a CPL outdoors (remembering to rotate it most of the time). Removing CPL when ineffective (magnetic MagFilter CPL simply on/off via magnet, threaded filters not so readily off back on).

I check my edges, frame a bit wide, planning on cropping nearly every shot, but, regarding sharpness close enough to help AF find my focus point and control the metering I want to start with. I use Manual Focus frequently, AF is superb, but I love Sony's Manual Focus System and am quite quick with it.

Then I always crop first, so the PP software only sees what I am keeping when adjusting anything. I try to remember it is best to only save once, when done, to avoid repeated stages of compression.

Under Exposure

With or without the CPL, outdoors primarily, I shoot under-exposed to get better skies, avoid blowouts (sadly no clouds that day, the CPL is great for keeping sky detail). I plan on lifting the shadows in post, it is always happily surprising how much detail is retained in the shadows. Perhaps cutting highlights, but not much. Taming the skies while shooting helps avoid that. Under-expose similarly for rx100m1,3,6.


The rx100's are the real deal, the magic middle, the 2012 revolution of very compact high IQ, all with terrific lenses. The m6 lens is giving very nice results for me and others.

If you put me against a firing wall, I would say the shorter range m1,2,3,4,5 lenses are a hair sharper, but not obviously at the sizes most of us view. My 27" monitor max desktop image is 23 1/2" wide x 13 1/4 h. 3:2 image thus my max view is 20" x 13-1/4" My crops 13-1/4 h x whatever.

For a while, I changed it to in-camera sharpness +1, first time I ever tried that with a Sony. I put it back to default 0 prior to this stroll.

Typically no sharpness adjustment in post, but, using Windows 10 Photo Editor, I often try it's 1 click 'enhance', it gives an instant idea for change, most often too bright for me (I love my shadows), so, it has a slider, I may just cut the slider and take that. Long way of saying, I think 'enhance' sharpens some while doing whatever it does.

Most often, after seeing 'enhance', I undo, then go to 'light adjustments', lift shadows, possibly cut highlights, save. Very occasionally I use clarity, just a bit, always afraid to overdo it.


A CPL definitely helps improve skies, but it takes time, you need to use the EVF, and you need your left hand loose to rotate the CPL, so it is unavailable to block any light with.

You need no light leak to see the CPL changes. My add-on eye cup is helping block the light from the left and top of the EVF. I need to remove my glasses to get my eye in the cup. Luckily my left eye lens replacement during cataract surgery is the one I chose for intermediate distance, the right lens is chosen for computer screen distance reading (about 28", reading is avg 14"). Without my glasses, our brain figures it out, you are unaware. My glasses make them both the same and more.


I have Photoshop Elements, used to use it for all images, but Windows 10 Photo Editor is so easy, so quick, and surprisingly good, I rarely need Photoshop.

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