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I was looking at another wedding photographer's web site and in the FAQ section was a short paragraph on "what kind camera do you use". the photographer explained his/her gear. in all my years of wedding shoots, I've never had that question asked.

I've never asked my dentist what kind of drill he uses or a chef, what brand pf knife he used. I was wondering how many others have been asked about their equipment?

Successful marketing involves convincing potential customers that you are a better choice than your competition.

One strategy is to "educate" the customer as to what they criteria they should use when selecting a vendor, and then point out that you meet that criteria.

Potential customers tend to be poor judges of image quality, or of the skills and abilities needed to produce good wedding photography.

If you have made an investment in gear that is better than bottom of the line, then it is not a crazy idea to educate consumers to look for a photographer with good gear.  If your gear is full frame, you might want to suggest that it is better than crop bodies. If you are shooting mirrorless, you may want to suggest that a silent shutter is a critical factor.  If you have high end "professional" lenses, you may want to mention why those are better.  You may also want to talk about why your particular brand of camera is better than others.

These sorts of factors help convince a potential customer that they are getting a better product if they hire you.

Mentioning your camera gear probably won't be a major factor in the customer's choice, it can be a small factor. If the customer is undecided it might end up being the deciding factor.

The downside to mentioning the actual brand of your camera is that if the potential customer is an amateur photographer, he may hold it against you if you don't shoot the same brand he owns.  After all, he wants a photographer with the best gear, and that's obviously whatever brand he shoots.

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