Sigma MC-11 : Canon EF to Sony A7R II compatibility report.

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Re: Sigma MC-11 : Canon EF to Sony A7R II compatibility report.

Beatsy wrote:

Thanks for the report.

I gave up adapting AF lenses and (now) have only native lenses for that. But I do adapt all my Canon-fit MF lenses using Metabones IV. The reason is that I used the Metabones for Canon AF lenses during my "transistion" to native (so I had the Metabones anyway) and because Metabones in "advanced mode" allows focussing at the selected aperture - a very important feature for me.

Does the MC-11 allow this, or does it emulate Canon behaviour and only stop down to the taking aperture when the shutter is fired?


Recently, i've switched to using AFc with the thumb pressing down on the eye focus button, and the green boxes lighting up.  In AFc, the lens is at the set aperture until i pop the shutter.  The advantage i' think i'm getting with that if there's a slight wind or movement of the subject, then the focus should be following the movement with AFc.  Seems to work fine so far.  If there's not enough light, then i plan to switch back to AFs so that focus, once achieved, would not be lost quickly, as in AFc.  I generally bring along a penlight if conditions are so dark that i needed the penlight to get the initial focus.  Like once i was on this dark farm road with fog closing in, had the camera on a tripod but needed that inital focus, so shined the light on a fence post which was about the right distance, etc.

Buying cheap, relatively, Canon lenses has allowed me to sample the EF 85, 100, 200 and finally 135 primes.  Its been a useful experience for me.  Now i carry the 135 full time.  These were all L lenses and not a bad one in the bunch.  The EF 200 was a good lens, but too much weight and too narrow of field for me to use on a daily basis type of thing.

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