upgrade d90 to d3500 or d5600? any choice

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Re: upgrade d90 to d3500 or d5600? any choice

Bobthearch wrote:

Although the two cameras take photos that are indistinguishable, I think you will find the D3500 lacking in features and a let-down compared to the D90.


I don't know how you've come to those two models, but neither is comparable to the D90 with regards to usability. I'd rather have a D7200 (or even an old D7100) than the two cameras you've listed. If your choices are budget-based, you should know that the D7200 is currently $400 off.

D7200 is a great camera. I realise you asked for views on just the 3500 and 5600 but ...

Not sure where you are and what your local prices are but a heavily discounted D7200 would give you best bang for your buck.

And stretching even further, in terms of 'feel' I have found the D7500 'similar' to the D90, and it is also a (really) great camera.

In fact, I'd rather have the D3300 than the D3500; the D3500 doesn't have a plug for a remote release.

+1. D3300 was better featured than 3400 & 3500. I like the D3300.

I think the viewfinder of the D3500 will be a little bit bigger and brighter than the D5600 (0.85 vs 0.78 from memory).

I like the grip of the 3300 - I think the 3500 is the same. A little 'taller' than the D5x00s.

Handle them both and see which suits you (it is very subjective).

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