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Re: Here's some ACR-based crop comparisons

Iliah Borg wrote:

knickerhawk wrote:

Iliah, those look like 50% crops.

This is just one of the green channels, so, yes, 1/4 of pixels.

What I mean is that it appears they were zoomed to 50% before the screen capture was done (see 100% captures below)

What should we be seeing here that's the give away of green channel based moire reduction in the Phase One?

The lack of moiré on the final render.

So, I've now downloaded the newest beta of Rawdigger (thanks for the link!). I took screen captures (at 100%) of the Phase One and the S1R HiRes G[1] channels. I've lined them up side-by-side with the same files rendered in ACR and opened in Photoshop to the G channel (some brightness adjustments applied to roughly equalize brightness and contrast). The raw G[1] channel for the Phase One looks horrendous, but there's also a small bit of aliasing going on in the S1R HiRes G[1] channel as well that doesn't come through at all in the converted version. Not sure what to conclude from all this. Would appreciate your input.

Panasonic S1R HiRes. Left=Rawdigger G[1] channel; Right=ACR/Photoshop G channel

Phase One 100. Left=Rawdigger G[1] channel; Right=ACR/Photoshop G channel

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