If you really want a 1/2 stop better low light performance...

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Re: I've been a big fan of AI Clear

HatWearingFool wrote:

Scotty Piper wrote:

Try the new Topaz Labs AI software and report back. I am not suggesting anyone buy it unless they think it really works better than what they have.

So far, after playing I think I can get an extra 1/2 stop. Their jpeg->RAW software also works well if you don't have RAW files, and the blur removal AI software sometimes can work wonders.

I am still testing, but I would love to see what others think. So far it has made me a more firm believer that FF (for me) is a waste of money and unnecessary. I'll take 4K 60p and 20 FPS, and a big savings instead.

I've been using AI Clear since it came out. I find it does an excellent job with NR and (IMHO) is the best way to sharpen Fuji Files.

So I immediately went out and got Denoise AI. At first I was very disappointed because it was noticeably worse than AI Clear in every way, however Topaz Labs quickly (within 2 days) pushed out 2 updates and it seems to be even better than AI Clear for my uses now.

I usually develop in LR, then call X-transformer, and finally send a tiff to Denoise (AI Clear used to be my last step). Frankly I'm astonished at how well Topaz AI stuff runs on the Tiff. I've tried it straight on the X-transformer dng and the RAF but can't see much reason to use it as a first step. If you use it as a first step you get back a tiff (even if you pick dng output, it appears to just be a wrapper for a tiff) so you lose out true WB and can't apply camera profiles to the result.

I've put in a feature request for a true dng output option (like X-Transformer does) so that you could use AI Denoise as a first step in a workflow without sacrificing camera profiles.

Yes, you should apply all the colour adjustments before sending it to DeNoise AI as a TIFF.

Also do not send the RAW file straight to DeNoise AI, the colours will be very distorted.

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