If you really want a 1/2 stop better low light performance...

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Re: If you really want a 1/2 stop better low light performance...

Mads Bjerke wrote:

Here is the processed image:

Here is the original image with no NR, but some sharpening:

I have deliberately added the full size images so there is no down-sampling.

It's very interesting that there is virtually no difference between these images when displayed in Firefox at monitor resolution on a 1920x1200 Dell U2412. Can't wait to see it on my UHD laptop. However there is a huge difference at 100% actual pixels! And Topaz AI does a commendable job of smoothing bokeh and retaining sharpness of actual details.

One thing I noticed straight away is that it is MUCH easier to sharpen the processed image compared to the original RAF file. The DeNoise AI algorithm does some magic here. I might add this software to my toolkit.

Agreed. Topaz noise reduction (rated 3.5 stars by AP.UK) isn't really very good, especially compared to DxO Prime, but Topaz AI seems much better.


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