Photos too dark D7200?

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Re: He did

Mako2011 wrote:

morinor wrote:

I do not think that it has to do with the light present. It is too dark to say that the meter is somehow confused.

He used Matrix metering and if the AF point bias also gave less exposure prefrnce to the rings vs the background....then expect the subject to be underexposed and tend towards grey.

Yes I am aware what you describe and what you are think that it is the issue.

I think it is some setting that is not correct.

The EXIF points to no issue with the camera settings but he might check his color profile wasn't customized in terms of brightness (EXIF seems to say it still set to default though)

I wasn't able to open the file when I write the comment.

Please try shooting on Auto mode in order to be sure that nothing manual has been set by accident.

He did shoot the example in Auto exposure mode

He has used indeed Pattern Mettering. Exif is saying that he has used Aperture Priority not Auto.

But I think it is not the metering alone as it is still too dark:

With +1 exposure

With +2 exposure

+2 exposure difference is quite big even for this situation. Even in snow which reflects more light it is needed +1 exposure at most. So I think it is not a wrong metering alone.

I think he should try both Auto with Matrix metering and then same setting with Spot metering and see the results.

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