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elliottnewcomb wrote:


Not a great first day. How close is your nephew? Not to take it back, but to borrow it to have real side by side comparisons. Not yet, wait a week or so if you can.

It is going to be very interesting to see how your first few weeks go with the m6. I worked myself (and people here following my histronics) into a tizzy. I assume you have a 30 day return option, so I encourage you to work hard to get the best you can out of the m6 before you finally decide.

To be positive while trying it, you might assume you have a brighter version also, so just see what can this one do. My brighter m3 is in the car door waiting, in the dark, for the dark, but not getting any action.

It took me a while, and I had 6 years experience with my m1, m3.

Aside from the diopter lever that is solved now, I sent one m6 back, changed my mind, got and kept this one. I am very glad I did.

When it matters, low light, it becomes about shutter speed to get the ISO low, thus S mode Auto ISO for me.

Stills/IS: I can reliably use slower shutter speeds handheld with the m6 than the m3 (m6 1/20th my default, even 1/15th) (m3 1/30th my default), I suggest you explore that specifically, for me that is the key to getting the f2.8 lens results closer to what the f1.8 lens can do when light is a challenge.

If motion involved in low light, m6 is not your friend, better learn how to use it's flash and flash compensation to get just enough flash, not too much. I still need to do that.

Secondarily, over and over again I am surprised how high the ISO is in m6 shots I find acceptable. That advantage is for Jpegs only, involving the in-camera Noise Reduction, more aggressive in the m6 than prior models.

Enough light, you can use any mode successfully, and then all the advantages of the new lens are there, not only reach, some very nice shallow focus depth un-achievable with any of the shorter reach models.

btw, I just shot museum photos with Bill, using MFNR, multi-frame noise reduction, an ISO option (top line, ISO Auto, MFNR, icon shows multiple shots). I didn't take any regular single frame photos for direct comparison, but I got some very nice results, didn't even think about my m3.

It comes down to this: It's the m6 I would regret leaving home, not my m3.

Thank you for explaining all that, Elliott.  I'm fascinated by the MFNR, which I'm glad you gave me the phrase for, and will check that out.  All the advisors here on DPreview are suggesting the M6 is the way to go, and I am in agreement.

My nephew is many hours away.  And, I am glad he's interested in learning about photography.  He's a very intelligent 32 year old.  If he sets his mind to it, he'll know and understand more that me in short order.  That will be fun!

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