Shutter sound on pro cameras ?

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Re: Shutter sound on pro cameras ?

gary0319 wrote:

kickoff3pm wrote:

This is a just a question I would like answered. I don't use a pro camera just a Fuji FXT10 but I can set the shutter to silent. I'm always wondered why whenever you see reporters taking photo in press conferences that their shutters seem very loud. Don't all digital camera have a silent mode?

The sound you are hearing is indicative of the photographers using DSLR cameras, your Fuji is a mirrorless and can be set to silent. Although some DSLR cameras can be "silent" this might be only available with "live view" so no using the viewfinder.

As an aside, if I were the one giving the press conference I would like all photographers to shoot only in silent mode. But I suspect that some luminaries actually get some gratifying "self-importance" feedback from the sound of those mirrors/shutters.

DPR is so weird. They likely don’t care because it isn’t important.

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