Hig res in studio scenes

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Re: Hig res in studio scenes

evan ts wrote:

Iliah Borg wrote:

knickerhawk wrote:

But it's not a TIFF or other RGB format. It's a raw!

Technically, raw can be RGB for each pixel.

it's either R, G, G1 or B for each individual pixel

Yes, that's what they are in this case, for Panasonic S1 and S1R hires shots published by DPR Team.

Okey, I start to believe you guys.

You can open a highres file in RawDigger, export it as raw composite single layer (that's essentially a pixel map), open the resulting TIFF in Photoshop, zoom in and see the Bayer pattern.

I have another question. Pana's hi-res raw uses the same Bayer pattern, it should be around 4 times size of a normal raw. However, the S1/S1R are both 5+ times size. What is the information contained in the extra data?

Regular raws are lossy compressed, hires raws are lossless.

Before anybody starts with sky is falling, the compression (1 delta scaling value is used for 3 pixels, which in some extreme cases may result is artifacts on very small contrast details, 1 or 2 pixel size, if only those are resolved with high contrast) Panasonic are using in our opinion is still visually lossless even after heavy editing. The compression reduces the file size by about 20%.

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