Is It True That The 24-70 VR is Bad At Close Distances?

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Reilly Diefenbach
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Re: Where does the greatness begin???

anotherMike wrote:

1) It's one sample.

2) Look at the light - flat, winter. Not going to have much "pop" with light that flat.

I said the lens has pop, as do most of the Nikon nanos.  Good for wedding shooters.

Bad idea to use that one pic as "proof" of what the lens can or can't do...

Good thing I didn't rely on just one picture.  That would have been a bad idea.

Note: I don't own the lens - I have no use for a mid range zoom although I still have my old 24-70 around, as I prefer the better image quality from the very best or primes, but I have shot/evaluated the 24-70E VR, and think if I were a landscape shooter wanting a zoom in that range, with the compromises that come with a zoom of course, it would be that one over all other choices.


At 24mm maybe, at 50mm the 24-85VR is better.

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