70D Dark spot corner of image at high shutter speeds

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Re: 70D Dark spot corner of image at high shutter speeds

Thanks for the reply, that's useful (I replied earlier as well but it's waiting to be approved).

I took 2 sets of pictures now as you suggested with 2 different lenses and the results are consistent, the shadow gets bigger as the shutter speed gets faster whatever the aperture

I've uploaded all the pictures to an album here https://www.dpreview.com/galleries/4341354421/albums/70d-problem

and here are a few so you can see what I mean at 1/400 + 1/2000 + 1/8000

My understanding of how shutters work is basic, but it would seem to me like there's something delaying the shutter opening so at the slower shutter speeds it's still having time to open fully, but not at the faster speeds?

Any advice you have on how best to repair would be much appreciated

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