Sony RX100 VA vs VI

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Re: Sony RX100 VA vs VI

Guy Parsons wrote:

The big, no, make that the huge advantage of the M6 is the "24mm to 200mm" zoom range. That simply allows a much more interesting range of shots to be taken. The bigger zoom range is hugely more important than any slight aperture difference in the M5A. Even an M6 post process crop to "400mm" leaves me with what is basically a very usable 5MP image and that is good.

For a couple of years I have used M4/3 with the excellent 12-40/2.8 lens so convinced myself I was happy with that "24mm to 80mm" range, I did carry other lenses but the usual problem when travelling is the time and effort needed to keep swapping lenses for the scenes that happen, some happen too quickly to allow a swap.

The M6 solved that zoom range problem plus it performs OK in low light. So it is the very obvious travel small camera choice.

What Guy said. Until you have had 24-200mm FF equivalent in your pocket you really cannot appreciate how useful that extra zoom range is. That extra 70-200mm is so useful & comparing the RX100M6 & RX100M5A side by side I really didn't see any great advantage in lower levels of light for one with the shorter zoom & that EVF is such a PITA that there was simply no contest.

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