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Re: Security and privacy

KatieAdams wrote:

So technically, my idea of having multiple email IDs for multiple occasions wasn't really a bad one.

It's quite usual to have multiple accounts, for example Work and Private accounts, while I have several accounts for special purposes as mentioned previously.

I had thought of such a scenario beforehand and used specific email IDs, depending on where and how I am using. One of those is filled with spam, the rest of them do not have much.

Yes, it's easy enough to manage, especially for those of us who compartmentalise their lives. My main point was that you shouldn't use your "real" password for simply registering software. Of course, you do have to keep a record of these du jour passwords.

Coming to the MS-Office thing, I guess adding another person means Microsoft is willing to go for the authentication measures. And there is no real way of doing so without being intrusive, as you mentioned.

No, it wasn't another MS-Office user, just another Win10 user with a separate log-in, which was necessary because of the way I manage networking on my system (someone logging on to a network computer automatically has access to shared folders on the server).

In practice, all users have access to MS-Office applications which are registered in my name, and family members are also happy to share a single instance of MS-Outlook with email accounts synchronised over the network (IMAP protocol).

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