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Somewhat pointless discussion

dwight3 wrote:

There may not be a formal engineering group that produces open source software, but with any complex system, a random person going in to modify the code could well bring a very different approach than the person who first wrote the code. Therein lies the opportunity for bugs to spawn.

If what you understood translates to "a random person going in to modify the code", this discussion becomes a bit pointless. Try to educate yourself as to how teams actually contribute to software (whether open or not). There is never any "random person" going in and changing things. It simply doesn't work like that, not in commercial software and not in open source either.

Even at Adobe, there is no "person who first wrote the code" but there are large teams with individuals focusing on smaller modules which are then tested and committed to the overall project. In that, commercial software is no different from open source.

It is only the process and platform which are different. With closed software, mostly people who earn a salary from the software producer get to contribute and all others are kept out. Usually, individual programmers may not even get access to the whole body of software for which they are writing bits and pieces. But I can see that this whole process is simply lost on you as you still think in terms of individuals who "write the code". In open source both the platform (such as Github or Sourceforge) as well as the process are open and transparent for anyone (users, programmers, project developers) to see, contribute or learn.

Rereading this whole thread, it looks more and more as if you are merely trolling and/or flame-baiting so I'll bow out at this stage.

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