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KatieAdams wrote:

In a rather conspiratorial point of view, is Microsoft keeping hold of personal data as well? Even after one pays for the software?

Seems that way. I had to set up an account when installing MS-Office.

They are certainly keen for you to use an "account" for various activities. A few days ago, I wanted to add another user to one of my computers, and I had to negotiate and ignore several layers of log-in requests before I could simply add another user in the usual way. This seems to be new for the most recent Win10 updates.

BTW, many organisations are keen to identify you by means of your email address, and in such cases it's a bad idea to use your principal email account, let alone falling into the trap of also using the actual password that might give access to your email account or Internet log-in. In case you want to use your principal email, you just need to have a special password for those occasions.

In addition to several business and private email addresses, I have a couple of "sacrificial" email addresses. For a long time, I used a Hotmail account for software log-ins, while I recently found it convenient to set up a Gmail account when wrangling my iPad. I rarely use either of these accounts for actual emails, in fact I have deliberately forgotten the Hotmail password. (I tried to recover it last year, but the authentication process was very intrusive). I guess that there's some interesting stuff in the Inbox after 20 years or so. 

When travelling, I use a "secret" family-only email account and have my son forward any important messages. This avoids being overloaded with emails/attachments when connected to slow WiFi. Also, satellite connections on cruise ships have slow speeds and long latency periods; I once wasted my paid air-time trying to delete a 10Mb video that a friend had forwarded. There are ways of killing such emails, but WebMail doesn't handle latency.

Hope this was informative.

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