How has the photography hobby changed you?

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How has the photography hobby changed you?

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately about the photography hobby, and how it has shaped me as a person. In most ways good, and others, not so good. I am curious to know about how others feel about how the hobby (or profession) has changed them personally. Here are some of my personal thoughts:

1. It has drastically changed my perception of costs. Man, can this hobby get expensive if you let it. Somehow a $800 prime lens now seems "affordable", when did that happen?

2. I'm compelled to travel way more than I used to. I am constantly itching to go somewhere new and unexplored. I am definitely spending way more time, money and effort on travel than I ever thought I would. Almost to a fault - I'm definitely spending less time visiting old friends and family.

3. I've become way more of a morning person and evening person. The harsh middle of the day lighting is such a drag!

4. I am on the constant search for good lighting conditions and subjects, even when I'm not shooting.

5. I've become way more critical of my own work. I went from thinking I was decent, to narrowing it down to a tiny handful from thousands of photos taken being something that I want to look at more than once.

6. I am WAY more critical of mediocre photos, especially that my family takes. I desperately want to coach them on basic shooting techniques but struggle to do so without hurting their feelings. I cringe when I see photos that have been somehow fabricated by AI (e.g., using iPhone's portrait mode), or destroyed by ugly instagram presets. I've been spoiled by the rendering of a beautifully crafted prime lens. I know smartphones are the "new thing", but dang, I hate the idea of looking at a computer fabricated image.

I think that overall, considering all the pros and cons, I am very happy to have taken up this hobby years ago. The opportunities to learn and grow are endless once you dive in. I am curious to hear about other's journeys and how they relate or differ from mine.

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