Improving astrophotography tips

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Re: Improving astrophotography tips

hasibul212003 wrote:

Thanks for the suggestion. I used the link and for my city all the areas are either yellow, orange, red. I am not sure yellow would be dark enough. So is the aim to find an area with dark blue/ light blue color scheme?

Are you looking at the darksite finder website? If so then I've taken images in areas that are in the "dark green" to "light blue" region but this alone is not enough. You need to have a clear view of the galactic center (the brightest part of the milky way) and on a night that is closest to the new moon* to get the best images.

* or shoot at a time before moonrise or after moonset.

Another tip. Use ISO800-3200. There's no advantage to shooting low ISO in this situation. You're not trying to protect any highlights and you'll have to boost the gain anyway if you shoot low ISO.

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