Hig res in studio scenes

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Re: Hig res in studio scenes

evan ts wrote:

knickerhawk wrote:

evan ts wrote:

8 RGGB shots can be stacked into 2 RGB shots.

Not without throwing away a LOT of information, which defeats the whole purpose of creating a HiRes image in the first place.

The size is reduced to 6 times of a normal raw. Store it in a size-efficient format and minus the space of embedded JPEGs.

I think the 5-6 times of size is reasonable.

If you were right, hi-res has 4x pixels,

Correct (for the HiRes method used by Panny and Oly)

RGB 3 colors in each pixel.

But it's not a TIFF or other RGB format. It's a raw! Therefore, it's either R, G, G1 or B for each individual pixel, instead of R+G+B for each pixel.

The size should be 12 times.

Well, I don't want to argue this with you. You believe your hypothesis, I believe mine.

Maybe another day someone can decode the RW2 format.

Might be worth reaching out to Iliah Borg. He and his LibRaw/RawDigger/FastRawViewer colleagues might have already done this.

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