Hig res in studio scenes

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evan ts wrote:

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evan ts wrote:

twilsonstudiolab wrote:

But that's all done in the camera before the RAW is written. Doesn't have anything to do with ACR or Silkypix.

No, the raw file just contains the source data (layer1 and layer2). Like the bayer raw needs a demosaicing algorithm, the hi-res raw needs a combining algorithm too.

You can check the m43 hi-res case: http://bit.ly/2UB5QID
The algorithm of G9 OOC JPEG is obviously better than ACR.

The G9's in-camera JPEG engine is more aggressive with sharpening and contrast than ACR is at default settings. That's very typical. The same difference is evident in the normal G9 JPEG vs. ACR renderings in the DPR comparison.

No, that's because Pana uses a new demosaicing algorithm in GH5/G9.

That reads a lot like marketing BS, but it doesn't rebut my point that the normal G9 JPEG in the DPR studio scene is (just like the G9 HiRes) significantly more detailed/contrasty than the corresponding raw-from-ACR renderings.

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