Will Nikon mirrorless take better advantage of DX size?

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Re: Nikon DX ML

NCB wrote:

Nikon interviewed by DPR at CP19+ : "Users have said to us that they'd like to see DX mirrorless .... and we listen to our users".

Nikon will do DX mirrorless. Guaranteed. Nikon's biggest cash cow is D3xxx. They need to compete in DX, and sticking with just DSLRs will no longer do it.

They will, probably already have, put a lot of thought to this, and will try to hit the button in the same way the ff Z stuff has.

I agree with this.

Mirrorless APS-C is the sweet spot for manufacturing cost vs performance.

The last major technical hurdle for mirrorless was the AF, but even that is good enough for the vast majority of shooters now.

If Nikon were to build a mirrorless camera like my Samsung NX500, I would be all over it.

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