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jmagbita wrote:

Greetings All!
I've read the many threads regarding the difference between these two models, but have two very specific scenarios to compare.

As for my type of photography, mainly travel.

I love wide angle type shots that show entire spaces, think "travel magazine" type shots that clearly show where one is. i.e. shots in front of the Louvre, Piccadilly Circus, inside the St. Peter's in the Vatican or any other iconic location.

I also enjoy evening type shots of the same locations and also interior spaces.

This makes me think definitely the RX100VA would be the obvious choice between the two, but I've come across a few posts wherein users say the 1.8 of the VA is marginally better than the 2.8 of the VI. Also, I read the pop up lens of the VI is much greater than the VA. Another post mentions the ergonomics of the VI is better than the VA. (I thought it was the same body and buttons?)

With all that said, I'm still confused as to which model to buy. Thoughts?


I'm new to the VI or M6, as it just arrived yesterday.  The body seems the same as my M4, except the lens seems to project a tad more in "off" in the M6 than in the M4.  It still fits in the back pocket of my jeans.  On the M4, I had the optional grip and that made handling much more solid.

Unfortunately, I offered my M4 to a nephew thinking the M6 was the same as the M4, only with a zoom.  It's not because of the slower lens.  People who post here, who's knowledge I admire, say the difference in the lens is negligible. After watching countless YouTube vids on the topic, and taking photos in the shade yesterday afternoon, I find that I respectfully disagree and wish I'd held on to my M4.

Because I also have the RX10M3 with the 600 mm reach, I may exchange this M6 for the M5a.  I tend to take the same type of travel photos as you do, so the faster lens with less zoom will be more practical.  I use the longer zooms for wildlife and the 600mm of the RX10M3 is more useful for wildlife.  I wouldn't need to carry both lenses at the same time because the uses are so different.

On the other hand, the touch screen focus is helpful to me.  I'm one who panics a little when having to make adjustments quickly.  I lose shots.  So, the touch screen focus would come in handy.  Too bad Sony didn't also put it on the 5a.

This is a difficult decision.  Best wishes in your search.  I'm still weighing the differences.

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